Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers (Weightage 8%)  

Topics from Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

  • General methods of preparation, properties, reactions and uses. (44 concepts)
  • Alcohols: Identification of primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols; mechanism of dehydration (12 concepts)
  • Phenols: Acidic nature, electrophilic substitution reactions: halogenation, nitration and sulphonation, Reitner - Tiemann reaction. (8 concepts)
  • Ethers: Structure. (5 concepts)
  • Aldehyde and Ketones: Nature of carbonyl group;Nucleophilic addition to >C=0 group, (12 concepts)
  • relative reactivities of aldehydes and ketones (14 concepts)
  • Important reactions such as - Nucleophilic addition reactions (addition of HCN, NH, and its derivatives) (1 concepts)
  • Grignard reagent, oxidation (6 concepts)
  • reduction (Wolff Kishner and Clemmensen) (3 concepts)
  • aldol condensation (5 concepts)
  • Cannizzaro reaction (1 concepts)
  • Hatoform reaction (1 concepts)
  • CARBOXYLIC ACIDS: Acidic strength and factors affecting it. (13 concepts)

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