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Every object that we can see or touch has some shape and size. The plane shape has two dimensions length and width. The solid shape has three dimensions length, width, and height. For example, the classroom or school building can be described by 3-dimensions length, width, and height.

The major difference between plane shape and solid described below in the table.

\begin{array}{|l|l|l|}\hline \text { S.N. } & {\text { Plane Shape }} & {\text { Solid Shape }} \\ \hline 1 & {\text { It has two measurement length and width }} & {\text { It has three measurement length, width, and height }} \\ \hline 2 & {\text { It's called } 2 \text { -D shape }} & {\text { It's called } 3-\text {D shape }} \\ \hline 3 & {\text { Example: circle, triangle, rectangle }} & {\text { Example: cone, cube, sphere }} \\ \hline\end{array}

Views of 3D-Shapes:

As we know 3-D shape has three measurements length, width, and height. When we see any object we can see the part, from which light is coming to our eyes. So we can see different views from different positions. For any 3-D object, we can define 3 views based on the position from which we see it.

(i)  Front view: The front view projected view of all points of edge on the plane of projection by placing an object in front of the eye in a given direction.   

(ii) Top view: The top view is a projected view of all points of the edge of the top of objects on the plane of projection.

(iii) Side view: The side view is a projected view of all points of the edge of the right side or left side of objects on the plane of projection.

Let’s understand the views of 3-D shape by taking an example.

Example1: Draw a front, top and side view of a given solid object.

Front, top and side view of 3-D object


Front view                                     Top view                             Side View

Front view of 3-D obeject           Top view of 3-D object                  Side view of 3-D object

Example1: For a given solid object draw a front, top and side views.

Front, top and side view of 3-D object


Front view                    Top view                    Side view                   

Front view of 3-D solidTop view of 3-D solidside view of 3-D solid

You may use or hear of google map in daily life, you must be curious how it works. If you ask to go to an unknown place, the first thing that comes to mind is where it is located and how will you reach there for that you need a location of a particular place on the map.

Mapping Space:

Let's understand how to map from example.

Example: Ramesh walks 3 km towards East and turns to the right-hand side and takes a drive of another 5 km then he turn to his left (towards East) another 7 km. He then if he turns to his left & walks another 5 km he will reach his school and if he turns to his right & walks another 5 km he will reach his hospital.

a) Draw a map of his home to school and hospital.


b) How far is his home from his school and in which direction 


From the above image, home is 10 km away from his school in the west.


Important Books for Visualizing Solid Shapes