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Hello Friends.

In this post I will try to offer you some tips which can possibly help you with your BITSAT preparations.

IIT JEE and AIEEE are over, now you have to hunt for the 3rd "most important exam of India" i.e. BITSAT. Those who are sure of your selection in IIT JEE and AIEEE must answer BITSAT just as a backup.


This question was asked by many students in the EC forum and other forums. So I would love to clear this question here itself.

BITSAT level is similar to AIEEE. Only thing that’s makes it 1% tough than AIEEE is that its a computer based online test which is a headache. A Computer based test decreases your problem solving speed and causes some strain. That’s it, nothing more than that.

Which Books to refer?

NCERT no doubt…

BITSAT questions are sometimes directly picked up from NCERT books. So don’t forget to do some good problems from NCERT. NCERT is mostly recommended for Physics and Chem. For Maths, its your choice otherwise you can try for some other book.

As said before BITSAT level is similar to AIEEE so you can refer to the same books which are recommended for AIEEE. However doing any one of these two books will rock.

1) MTG BITSAT Explorer (They provide a CD which has exactly the same format like BITSAT)

2) Arihant BITSAT book (This book is a giant and is an awesome book if you prefer to solve tons of BITSAT level problems. The real advantage with this book is that they also provide some selected past year papers along with a CD!

Both books are equally good. But the CD provided by BITSAT explorer is great for solving BITSAT mock test as it feels like you are really answering the actual BITSAT test.

Follow the KISS Rule:

Follow the KISS rule (Keep it simple and stupid). Solve any one of the above books thoroughly and don’t run after other Hi-Fi Einstein books as BITSAT is all about CBSE types of questions. Use your preparation time well.

Which section to attempt first?

It’s totally your choice. Decide it first before at home itself. You can practice this by solving the mock test of BITSAT. Do the section in which you’re strong first.

Like for e.g if you are confident of physics and chem, then do that first. After answering physics and chem section it will be a wise choice to move to English or Logical reasoning as they are most scoring.

In fact I have heard it from some that they got less in PCM and they could clear BITSAT only because of LR and English !

So plan out whether which section you will attempt first. Apply it as a trial in the mock test to know how much you are comfortable with this order.

Solve previous year’s papers

You are lucky to get this since BITSAT previous years papers are not available anywhere online and Entrance360 has specially uploaded some of the previous year papers for you. Download them and start solving after your confident about your problem solving skills

  • BITSAT 2005
  • BITSAT 2006
  • BITSAT 2007
  • BITSAT 2008

What if my concepts are not clear?

If you have some time left for BITSAT then refer some books to clear all your concepts and then and only then move on to solving problems. But since BITSAT is all about speed and practice. So please try to finish off learning theory ASAP as you have lots of other work to do which is “PROBLEM SOLVING”!!!

My AIEEE and IIT JEE Went Bad…Should I give up?

Why the heck are you giving up? Try to use the opportunity god has given to you. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t do well in IIT JEE and AIEEE. Sometimes Sachin also gets out on Zero!

It simply means you need to work on your concepts which you can easily be done in the remaining preparation days.

So without any thought remove the crap and start preparing for BITSAT. Just give your best. No matter what. Even if you don’t get a good score for BITSAT still at least you will have some confidence in you that you didn’t give up in your worst condition which will make you a stronger and a better person.

And so ending it with the quote of the day

“Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win.

~Bernadette Devlin

So best of luck for BITSAT and Rock On!!!


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