IBPS Clerk Last Minute Preparation Tips

Nov. 24, 2016 340 anangsha
IBPS Clerk Last Minute Preparation Tips

IBPS Clerk Last Minute Preparation Tips 2016 :- With just one day left for IBPS Clerk , the preparation is on the fast pace. For most of you, more studies is better at the last minute but with an important caveat. Studying more will help you to concentrate and learn. If you find it difficult to concentrate or understand what you are studying, it is time to take break. It is also difficult for most people to study with good concentration at a stretch. We recommend that you study for about two hours and take a break for 10-15 minutes before you start the next study session. To remain tension free at the last minute is very necessary. Therefore, studying different areas in a day helps in better concentration. However, ensure that you have covered all areas. The exam give you less time than required to solve the ntire paper, therefore, time-management is crucial. The standard guideline is that set time for each section and try to solve within that stipulated time-frame. Few tips as how to strategize your preparation at the last minute has been provided here on this article below.


What should be the strategy at the last minute?

  • Revision
    Revision is an essential part of one’s exam preparation. Revise all the topics, concepts especially the formulas for Quantitative Aptitude, certain rules for Reasoning Ability. This will help you remember things that you have prepared and in turn boost your confidence.
  • Mock Tests or Solve Sample Papers
    Candidates after finishing their revision should solve Sample Papers and take mock tests. The candidates should also analyse their performance of the mock test. When analysing, look at what you solved but took too much time, also look at what you solved but gt wrong and look at what you left but could have been solved easily.
  • Do not focus on new topics
    Aspirants should not start anything new in the last minute. Focus on the strong areas. Preparing new topics at the last hour can mar your entire preparation strategy. Instead revise the topics you have prepared.
  • Stay disciplined, calm and decisive
    The candidates must know to select questions well. The purpose of analysing your knowledge and speed is to enable good question selection. Each question is a test of your decision making skills-if you find the question easy, answer it. If it is time consuming postpone it.
  • Proper Rest
    Candidates should take proper rest before the exam. Do not panic since it will bring down your confidence level. If you begin to panic, listen to music, go out for a walk, read good book. Let fear and panic not strike you down.

How to manage time as per section on the exam day?

English Language

Candidates should attempt passages with which they have higher accuracy. Read the questions first and identify the single para questions and multiple para questions. Mark answers while reading the passages.

Reasoning Ability

Reasoning is one of the most scoring section in the exam. In order to solve maximum questions in minimal time limit, you should solve less time taking questions first such as yllogisms, Blood Relations, Inequalities, Directions, Data Sufficiency Questions of Reasoning, Rows and Verbal Logical Deductions. Long time taking questions can be solved later such as seating arrangement, puzzles, machine input/output. Questions might be tricky but read the questions first before applying any method to solve the question. Solve questions using graphs, diagrams, tables etc. Concentrate properly while solving the questions.

Quantitative Aptitude

Candidates should solve the quantitative Aptitude section at the end. Atleast dedicate 22-25 minutes for this section. Solve easy and scoring questions first. Avoid solving tricky questions.

Golden Rules to score good in exam

  • Avoid solving tricky questions

  • Avoid solving tim-consuming questions

  • Avoid making guess work

  • Solve questions your are confident of

  • Remember there is negative marks in the exam

  • Dedicate time equallly for all the sections

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