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IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions 2017: The IBPS Clerk 2017 mains exam was held on January 21, 2018. Thousands of candidates appeared for the mains exam of IBPS Clerk 2017.Thousands of candidates will appear for the mains exam of IBPS Clerk 2017. The last year's IBPS Clerk mains exam was moderate to difficult. There were four sections in the exam - General English, Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude and General/Financial Awareness. The candidates who will be appearing in the IBPS Clerk exam in the upcoming year search for the questions asked in the previous year's exam to prepare well for the exam. We will provide here some IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions 2017 asked in the Mains Exam. These questions will help candidates understand the nature of IBPS Clerk 2017 mains exam. The memory based questions of IBPS Clerk 2017 will been provided here as per sections. Scroll down to check the IBPS Clerk memory based questions 2017.

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 Advantages of knowing the Memory Based Questions

  • The memory based questions of IBPS Clerk can be really helpful for candidates who will or who are preparing for next year's IBPS Clerk exams.
  • Practising these IBPS Clerk memory based questions 2017 will help candidates know the level and type of questions asked in IBPS Clerk 2017 mains exam.
  • The previous year's IBPS Clerk memory based questions of all the shifts remain more or less similar besides some minor variations. The Memory Based Questions will help candidates draw a comparison and give a fair idea regarding the type of questions asked in different sessions (if any) of IBPS Clerk mains exam 2017.

IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions 2017 - Mains Exam

Below mentioned are memory based questions asked in IBPS Clerk 2017  mains exam:

  • Related to MMID
  • Which payment system settles transactions on hourly basis - NEFT
  • Question related to India Post Payment Bank
  • Where is the headquarter of Rabo Bank - Netherlands
  • What does P stand for in EFTPOS - Electronic Fund Transfer at Point of Sale
  • Irom Sharmila belongs to which State - Manipur
  • Limit of foreign investment in Universal Banks
  • Where was Global Citizen fest held
  • India's deal of M777 Howitzers was carried out with which country?
  • Lending of RBI to commercial banks is called as?
  • Who has been awarded International Children Peace Prize Award - Kehkashan Basu
  • Theme of International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • Who owned the initial shares of RBI when it was started in 1934?
  • Who is the author of the book, "Immortals of Meluha" - Amish Tripathi
  • Where is the Kumarakom Bird sanctuary located - Kerala
  • Where was Heart of Asia Summit held?
  • Current and Savings Account that don't operate for a period more than 2 years are called ?
  • For how many months can the BSBDA account be extended after submitting the officially valid documents?
  • Who has been awarded Best Actor at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards - Manoj Bajpai
  • Web-based solution for interbank n other bulk transactions?
  • For what maximum period do the NBFC accept deposits?
  • M. Balamuralikrishna is related to which field - Carnatic Music
  • Where is the Gobind Sagar Dam located?
  • Who issues Commercial Papers?
  • Where was the 207 km long bicycle highway inaugurated - Uttar Pradesh
  • Military Exercise 'Hand in Hand' was conducted with which country?

Previous Year IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions

Following are the topics and memory based questions asked in IBPS Clerk mains exam 2016.


As per the IBPS Clerk mains exam analysis for previous year, the quantitative aptitude section was easy to moderate. Below mentioned are the questions that were asked in the quantitative aptitude section of IBPS Clerk mains exam:

IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions

Quantitative Aptitude

Q. 7   20   46   85   ?   202
4   13   40   121   ?   1093
17   18   14   23   7   ?
2180   2179   2152   2027   ?
6   10   19   32   48   ?

Q. Abhilaksh decided to donate 4% of his salary. On the day of charity, he changed his minand donated Rs. 1250.50 which was 12% of what he had decided earlier. How much is Abhilaksh’s salary? 

Q. Complete the number series –

Q. 9 11 16 26 ? 69

Q. 3 4 10 33 136 ?

Q. 21 24 32 45 63 ?

Q.6 3 3 6 24 ?

Q. 7 10 16 28 ? 100

Q.A super fast express train starting from Mysore, reaches  Bengaluru in 70 minutes  with an average speed of 50 km/hr. If the speed is increased by 15.5 km/hr how much time it will take to cover the same distance?

Q. The perimeter of a rectangular shaped play ground is 620 meters and the ratio between the length and breadth is 7:4. What is the area of the field?

Q. 11   17   29   53   ?   197

13   18   28   ?   71

5   6   14   45   184   ?

Q. 30% of 270 + ? / 15 = 9

+ 69 - 78 = 2.5 * ?

80% of 72 * 0.5

 Q. 7   9   14   24   ?

9   13   21  37   ?   133

24   31   43   60   82   ?

4   5   12   39   160   ?

8   4   4   8   24   ?

Q.Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 16 hrs and 12 hrs respectively. The capacity of the tank is 240 litres. Both the pipes are opened simultaneously and closed after 2 hrs. How much more water (I Liters) needed to fill the tank?
Q. The ratio of A’s age 3 years ago and B’s age 5 years ago is 4:5. If A is 4 years younger than B then what is the present age of B?
Q. 3. 5% of one number (X) is 25% more than another number (Y). If the difference between the numbers is 96 then find the value of X?

Q. A boat goes 16.2 km up stream in 36 min and goes downstream in 28 min. Find speed of boat in still water?
Q. Simple interest of sum of X at 12% per annum, for 2yrs was Rs.1578 and S.I of sum of Y at 15% per annum for 4years was Rs.3578. Find sum of X & Y?
Q. A, B,C start a business, twice the investment of A is equal to thrice the capital of B and capital of B is 4 times the capital of C. Find the share of B out of profit of Rs. 690100.
Q. A can do a job in 12days. B is 70% more efficient than A. How many days B will take to complete the job alone?
Q. 9 persons went to hotel for taking their meals 8 of them spent Rs.14 each in their meals and 9th spent Rs.8 more than the average expenditure of all the nine. What was the total money spent by them?

Q. 14, 13, 24, 69, ?, 1355

7, 16, 11, 20, 15, ?

7, 7, 10, 18, 33, ?

7, 15, 79, 295, ?

3, 10, 18, 28, ?

Q. 9,16,13,20,17,?

Q. 9, 9, 12, 20, 35, ?

4, 13, 23, 35, 50, ?

9, 17, 81, 297, ?, 1809

7, 20, 13, 26, 19, ?

12, 11, 20, 57, ?


As per previous year's IBPS Clerk main exam analysis, the English language section asked in the mains exam was of easy to moderate difficulty level. Following are the IBPS Clerk memory based questions asked in English Language section of previous year's mains exam:

IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions

English Language - IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions

Q. Froze, Exclusive, Outrun Synonym - Antonyms 

Q. Spot the grammatical error in the sentence -> The decline in population in Sweden has been the subject of frequently changing controversy.

Q. Choose the correct substitute in the form of a single word for the following sentence -> An individual with a good amount of knowledge 

Choices -> a) Intellectual b) Reasonable c) Sensible d) All of the above e) none of the above


Taking note of previous year's IBPS Clerk mains exam analysis, it can be inferred that the reasoning ability section was easy to modertate. Check below IBPS Clerk memory based questions asked in the previous year:

IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions

Reasoning Ability - IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions

Q. H = I >= G > S, K >= G

D <= E < A < R >= L

Q >= U > E >= G = B

Q. A is the father of B. B is the only son of C. C is the daughter of D. C is the mother of E. E is the sister of S. How is S related to A ?

Q. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word ‘ABSOLUTE’ each of which has as many letters between them in the word (in both forward and backward directions) as they have between them in the English alphabetical series ?


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