In a mathematical game, one hundred people are standing in a line and they are required to count off in fives as ' one, two, three, four, five, one , two, three, four, five' and so on from the first  person in the line. The person who says ‘five’ is taken out of the line. Those remaining repeat this procedure until only 4 people remain in the line. What was the original position in the line of the last person to leave?

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Answers (1)

In first round 20 people will be out and last one that got out will be number 100. In second round 16 people will be out from remaining 80 people and last one out will be 99. In third round 12 will be out and 98 will remain.Similarly in every coming round 98 will be last one and not coming in muntiple of 5 and hence the last person will be 98 to go out .