SBI Clerk 2016 Mains Exam Analysis by Mahendras Coaching Institute

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SBI Clerk 2016 Mains Exam Analysis by Mahendras Coaching Institute


“Overall paper of SBI Clerk Mains 2016 was moderate. The Cutoff might range between 160 -155”

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Gone are the days when the role of bank clerks was limited to certain areas. Now a bank clerk can reach up to a position of Probationary Officers (PO) through Internal Job Posting (IJP). The career and growth prospect of bank clerks has increased considerably in recent days. Candidates wait eagerly for a job in banks where there are end numbers of opportunities now-a-days. This fact is noticed when large numbers of candidates apply for IBPS, SBI and other banks. The recently held SBI Clerk Exam 2016 was no exception, where around 50 Lakh candidates appeared in the exam for around 19575 posts. Out of which, around 5 lakh candidates have qualified for the SBI Clerk Mains Exam which was held on 25 & 26 June 2016.

It is expected that the result of SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2016 will be announced in the first week of July 2016. Around 60,000 candidates are expected to be called for the Interview. The candidates finally selected on the basis of Interview and written examination will be placed as Junior Associates (JA) and Junior Agricultural Associates (JAA) in various branches across the country.

Synopsis on the SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2016

Unlike SBI Clerk Prelims 2016, SBI Clerk Mains Exam was not a saviour. It brought happiness on some faces while some looked disappointed and frustrated after giving the exam. The paper of all the slots was very tough. Even lot of changes was observed in the SBI Clerk Mains 2016, to name few, there were sectional timings, no questions from computer and marketing, less number of questions, differential marking scheme etc. From the reviews that we received, most of the candidates struggled with the paper.

Expert Analysis on the SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2016

Within few hours of the conduct of the exam, Mahendras Coaching Institute has come up with the SBI Clerk 2016 Overall Analysis. We had a telephonic interview with Mr. Pradeep Pandey, Senior Faculty of Mahendras Coaching Institute where he had shared with us about the SBI Clerk Mains 2016 Overall Analysis. Read this article to know Mr. Pradeep Pandey’s view about the overall paper and section-wise difficulty level, topics covered, cut off, tips for the Interview etc.

SBI Clerk Mains 2016 Overall Analysis by Mr. Pradeep Pandey of Mahendras Coaching Institute

In this exclusive Interview, Mr. Pradeep Pandey highlighted that the paper seemed to be above moderate. The Quantitative Aptitude section was little tough since most of the problems were calculative and time-consuming. The puzzles in reasoning section were difficult. The English section was moderate and most questions from GA were from banking awareness. The Cut off will be around 160. He further advised the candidates not to lose hope since every cloud has a silver lining. Read the complete Interview below:

Entrance360: SBI Clerk 2016 is just over, what is the career prospect of Clerks in SBI? (In terms of Salary perks, growth and promotion)

Mr. Pradeep Pandey: The growth prospects of bank Clerks is very good now-a-days. A bank Clerk gets promoted to a Probationary Officer (PO) or Officers within very short span of time based on their performance. The promotion policy has become so faster now-a-days which was the case earlier. A Clerk working in SBI enjoys more benefits in terms of Salary, Bonus, Promotion, working environment and other incentives than the one working in other banks of the country. They get easily promoted through Internal Job Posting (IJP) Policy.

Entrance360 : What was the Overall Level of difficulty of SBI Clerk Mains Exam?

Mr. Pradeep Pandey : I want to explain the level of difficulty as per different sections. Firstly, the Quantitative Aptitude was above moderate. Few questions in this section were calculative and time-consuming. Many candidates struggled to it. In Reasoning section, the Puzzles were difficult. This time, we have observed that there were no questions from Computer and there were questions on diagrams. The overall level of this section was moderate. The English section was moderate even average candidates did well. Passages, Cloze Test, error detection were moderate. The General Awareness mostly comprised of questions from Banking Awareness. There were very less from Current Affairs. The candidates who have gone through well were able to answer the questions. The section was moderate.

Entrance360 : What difference have you noticed between the SBI Clerk Exam 2014 and SBI Clerk Exam 2016 in terms of level of difficulty, Exam Pattern and Question Pattern?

Mr. Pradeep Pandey : Except few, not much change has been noticed. This year, there were no questions from Computer whereas in 2014, there were questions from Computer section. In Reasoning, there were more puzzles in 2014. The Passages in English Section this year were moderate compared to 2014.

Entrance360 : Recently SBI has released the Scorecard of Prelims Exam. We saw that the Cut off was pretty high. What is Mahendras Analysis regarding the Cut off of SBI Clerk Prelims Exam?

Mr. Pradeep Pandey : Yes it is true that the SBI Clerk 2016 Prelims cut off went pretty high. The cut off ranged in between 59-60.

Entrance360 : Can you provide us with the Statistics of SBI Clerk Exam 2014 Cutoff and number of candidates finally given appointment? What will be the Cut off according to you of SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2016?

Mr. Pradeep Pandey : In 2014, the cutoff of SBI Clerk was 156. This year, it will be around 160 marks. Approximately, from all over India 5000 candidates were selected.  

Entrance360 : How many candidates from your Institute appeared for SBI Clerk Mains exam 2016?

Mr. Pradeep Pandey : More than 40000 candidates qualified from Mahendras in the SBI Clerk Preliminary Exam.

Entrance360 : What is your take on PM Modi’s initiative of abolishing the Interview of lower ranked government jobs? Will SBI scrap Interview in recruitment of JA & JAA?

Mr. Pradeep Pandey : This is very good initiative taken by our honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. PM once in his address instructed for abolishing the Interview of lower ranked govt jobs. There have been few instances of corruption where candidates have been demanded bribe. It is really very pathetic that after qualifying the written examination the candidates have to face this situation. There many deserving candidates who are not in a position to pay bribe. Abolishment of Interview will help those candidates who really deserves. On the other hand, Interview proves to be very useful since it helps to judge the personality of the candidates, how well he will fit the working environment, communication skills, Customer Relations etc.

As of now, it is confirmed that Interview will be conducted since nothing has been officially announced yet.

Entrance360 : How will the candidates prepare themselves for Interview? Tell us some frequently asked questions in the Interview?

Mr. Pradeep Pandey : Here in our institute, we provide Pre-Interview training to the candidates. In these classes mock interviews are being conducted where the candidates undergoing training have to appear for interview before the panel. The panel comprise of Ex-Bankers who were or are in different Interview Panels are being called upon. They give instruction to the candidates on different grounds.

Grooming your personality is very important for appearing in the Interview. The candidates need to groom themselves both physically and mentally.  In Interview, the panellist asks questions related to banking awareness, about one’s background/academics. The candidates will have to be sound in banking awareness for doing well in the Interview.

Entrance360 : What is psychometric test? What the candidates are given to do in this test?

Mr. Pradeep Pandey : Psychometric Test is conducted in place of Interview. This is basically for testing the psychology of the candidates. Candidates are given to write or asked questions related to the field they will work for. In nutshell, candidates will be given questions related to banking to test whether they are relevant in this field or not.

Entrance360 : A case is going on in Madras High court regarding SBI Clerk 2016 recruitment. The case of which is still pending. Will this have any impact in the recruitment process?

Mr. Pradeep Pandey : No, the on-going case will not hamper the recruitment process at this stage.

Entrance360 : What advise do you want to give the candidates who have not done well in the SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2016?

Mr. Pradeep Pandey : The candidates who did not do well in the SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2016 should not get disheartened since there are many exams lined up down the line. Prepare well for that exam such as IBPS, SBI PO and many more.

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