SBI Clerk 2016 Result Delay – When will it be declared?

Sept. 9, 2016 919 anangsha
SBI Clerk 2016 Result Delay – When will it be declared?

SBI Clerk Result 2016 DelaySBI Clerk Result 2016 Delay - It’s been three months now that SBI Clerk 2016 Mains Exam was conducted. The Mains Exam of SBI Clerk 2016 was held on June 25 & 26, 2016. Candidates who have appeared for the Mains Exam do not  have any clue about its release. SBI in a recently released notification has mentioned that the SBI Clerk 2016 Result is under process and  will be declared on the finalization of the process. It is a fact that SBI has already missed the earlier deadline of declaring the Result. Now the big question is that, how many more days SBI will take to publish the result? Why is there so much of a delay? Is it is due to the on-going court case in the Madras High Court against the clerk recruitment or is the government busy in finalizing the decision of whether to conduct the Interview or not? Whatever might be the case, the candidates want to know the exact date for declaration of the SBI Clerk Result. The candidates are in a state of dilemma related to SBI Clerk 2016 Result. The need of the hour is to clarify the confusion and anxiety among lakhs of aspirants.

What does the notification say?

The notification which has come from the General Manager’s desk of State Bank of India (SBI), Central Recruitment and Promotion Department states that the SBI Clerk 2016 Result for the post of Junior Associate and Junior Agricultural Associates is under process and will be declared on finalization. SBI has requested all the candidates who had appeared in the examination to co-operate.

Impact of the notification on the candidates

The notification stating the delay in the SBI Clerk Result has added to anxiety and confusion among the candidates. The candidates are waiting eagerly for the exact dates of Result.

 SBI Clerk 2016 Result Delay

What might be the reason behind the delay?

The reasons behind the delay in SBI Clerk 2016 Result are stated below:

  • The case that is going in the Madras High Court against SBI Clerk 2016 Recruitment. No doubt that the top court has asked SBI to continue with the recruitment process but the judges have warned that their final order may impact the final result.
  • Discussions regarding the decision to conduct the interview or not are on-going. The government has scrapped the process of conducting Interview from junior level government jobs in recent times.

Reaction of the Candidates to the delay in result

The Delay in the announcement of the SBI Clerk Result has irked many of the candidates. We have received lot of feedback from the candidates related to the SBI Clerk Result. Some of the reactions given by the candidates are:

Charu, one of the aspirants who have appeared for the exam has stated that, “It does not take much time to declare the result held online. Three months are more than enough to decide whether the Interview will be conducted or not. If the reason is the on-going court case, how did the SBI declare the PO result?”

Another candidate Lekhraj said, “See RBI, it takes hardly a week to declare the Result. Then why SBI is delaying the process of declaring the result?”

It was in news that the SBI Clerk Mains Result will be declared on or before July 31, 2016. Then it was postponed to August 31, 2016. How long will it take to declare the result,” Rahul stated.

“How much time will SBI take to announce results we are getting irritated please announce the Result fast,” said Ravi, another candidate.

Another candidate, Chandan said, “If everything was conducted on time and the exam was held online then why is SBI taking so much time.”

Reply of SBI helpdesk official to Entrance360

In August, we have contacted SBI help desk to know the tentative date of declaration of the SBI Clerk Mains Result 2016. The Official said that the Result will be declared on or before August 31, 2016. But the result was not announced. We have hence tried to contact the help desk several times but in vain.

It is high time that SBI took note of the agony and tension of the candidates who have appeared for the exam and declared the result. The decision regarding the interview process has no bearing with the declaration of the result. We hope that the concerned officials take note and ensure that the process is expedited fast to alleviate the concerns of the candidates.

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