SBI PO Interview & GD Preparation tips 2017

July 8, 2017 1410 anangsha
SBI PO Interview & GD Preparation tips 2017

SBI PO Interview & GD Preparation tipsSBI PO Interview & GE Preparation tips 2017-State Bank of India (SBI) to conduct  Group Exercises (GE) and Interview from July 10, 2017. Around 6376 candidates shortlisted in mains exam is expected to appear in the GE and Interview. The SBI PO GE and Personal Interview Preparation Tips are provided on this page. Candidates appearing in GE and Interview should know the tips and strategies for cracking the exam. The marks scored by candidates in GE and Interview will be considered for final merit list and determine their final selection for the post of Probationary Officers/Management Trainee. Candidates can check below for more details on SBI PO GE and PI preparation tips.



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How to crack SBI PO Group Exercises?

The Group Exercises will carry 20 marks whereas the Interview will carry 30 marks. The qualifying marks in Group Exercises and Interview will be decided by the bank. Candidates will have to secure good marks in the Interview and GE to qualify the exam. Candidates can check below as how to crack SBI PO Group Exercises and Personal Interview. 

Stock yourself with information

No one knows what the topic of Group Exercises is going to be. Hence, the candidates should keep themselves abreast with topics like Current affairs, historical events, sports, arts and literature, important data etc. Candidates should make it a point to read the newspapers regularly.

Understanding the topic

While at Group Exercises, the candidates should understand the topic given carefully. Spend some time to think on the topic and collate the points to substantiate the topic. Clarity of the topic is importance to ensure that you perform well in the GE. 

Be precise and concise

Candidates should stick to precise and concise thoughts while speaking on the topic. What matters more is what the candidates are communicating rather than how much they are communicating. In GE, quality matters rather the quantity. Let your views be relevant and to the point. To a great extent, try to do some out-of-the-box thinking so that your view stands out from the rest.

Communicating your views

You  may have excellent views on the topic, but you are not able to communicate them in an effective manner is of no use. Here, is where your communication skills will come to your rescue. If you have good communication skills, well and good, or else you will have to work on developing the same. On the day of the GE, your aim should be to collate your thoughts in a structured manner and put them across to the team and the assessors in an effective way.

Command over Language:

Candidates appearing for Group Exercises should have a command over the language. You should have a good command over language i.e. Hindi or English. Try to communicate in English while speaking on the topic in Group Exercises.

Be Confident

One Important key to success is confidence. An important key to confidence is preparation. Candidates should speak confidently while delivering his view on the topic. Even if the candidates do not have much knowledge on the topic, he or she should speak confidently.

Keep Patience and Calm

Don’t let nervousness overshadow you. While at Group Exercises stay calm and keep patience. Develop the patience to listen attentively. Acknowledge that everyone has something valuable to say.

Structure your thought

When speaking in a Group Exercises, your job is to articulate your point of view in a way that is easy for others to comprehend. In calculating the good habit of structuring your thoughts and presenting them logically.

Dress Properly

The candidates appearing for the Group Exercises should be well dressed. Proper formal attire will give the candidates serious and sober look. Remember you will be judged on your personality.

Don’t fumble

The candidates while speaking should not fumble. Speak clearly and in a voice which is audible to each and everyone sitting in the room. Fumbling is a sign of lack of confidence. While expressing your points ensure you are not repeating yourself and putting forward your opinion on the topic along with the justification.

Work on Voice modulation

The candidates should work on their voice modulation. You must identify the right pitch according to the discussion. Avoid shouting while speaking. Rather speak pleasantly and politely to the group

Note down important points

The candidates should try to note down important points which others are sharing during discussions and try to add to those points.

Practice before leaping out

The candidates should participate in mock Group Exercises sessions. This will enhance their speaking style. They can even choose some topics and practice them at home.

How to crack SBI PO 2017 Interview?

Read Newspapers and Magazines

Candidates should read newspapers and magazines regularly for keeping themselves updated with all the on-going events. Read the economic and business section in the newspaper carefully. The questions will be mostly from banking related.

Know your organization

Candidates must have Information about SBI, its works area, history, no. of branches. If you are employed anywhere, you must be asked about that organization. Candidates need to answer confidently. 

Enhance your analytical skills:

There might be some questions in the interview to test your logical skills. Analyse those questions before answering anything. Don’t answer whatever comes in the mind without having any valid point.

Speak up clearly: The candidates should not speak too fast or too slow. It should be clear and easy to understand. So, start working on your voice modulation.

Enhance your communication skills

Enhance your communication skills; it is a most important thing which makes the difference. Answer all questions politely.

Be confident and stay focused

The candidates appearing for the interview should be confident. They should also stay focused. Be well dressed, confidence will reflect on your face. Answer each question with Confidence and Humbleness. Don’t take too much Stress

Work on body language

Maximum marks you can get by your attitude. Keep your attitude positive always. Stay calm and do not hesitate.

Acknowledge the panel

The candidates should enter the room with a smile. Pay attention and regards to each of the members of Interview Panel. The candidates should also convey their regards after the interview is over.

Give mock interview: The candidates should face few mock interview sessions. The mock interview sessions build the skills of the candidates to face the actual interview.

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