How to Prepare for NEET in 2 Months

March 5, 2019 626 Team EC

How to crack NEET in 2 months?

The acronym NEET stands for National Eligibility Entrance Test. This test is introduced in order to take admissions in various top-notch medical colleges. The exam is going to happen on 5th May 2019. Before we begin with the preparation of the NEET, you must know the syllabus and exam pattern of NEET.

The syllabus though is exactly the same that you have studied in class 11th or class 12th from NCERT book. When we talk about the exam pattern, there will be three subjects - Physics, Chemistry, and Biology(Botany and Zoology). 50% of the syllabus is covered by Biology which essentially means that out of 180 questions in the exam, 90 questions come from Biology section and rest 90 questions come from Physics and Chemistry (45 each). Each question will be of 4 marks and 1 mark will be deducted for each incorrect response. For any option left unmarked, no marks will be deducted for the same. It is perfectly all right to leave any question if you are not sure about its correct response.

It is practically impossible to study the whole syllabus for NEET in just two months. What you can do is divide your precious time in studying the weakest of the chapters and revise the ones in which you are stronger comparatively. You should plan out the days which are left for the exam. Every day, all the three subjects should be given equal importance as in order to crack NEET, you should score well in all the three subjects. Another important thing which can be beneficial now for your preparation is solving the last 10 years NEET papers in order to get the gist of the exam. Once you appear in 3 such mock test you will definitely know in which section you need to devote time in order to clear your doubts. After improving on your weak areas, try giving the rest of the tests and in this manner, you can analyze your performance. Always remember, analyzing what went wrong in the exam and then improving on it is always the best weapon to use at this point of time.

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Giving a sample mock test everyday after completing your topic/chapter is another trick to give the best shot. Mock tests should be based on the actual paper of NEET and should be given like you are giving the actual exam. The more you practice, the better you perform. Also, solving question papers is not enough, you must solve the actual problem immediately with the help of your teacher, friends etc.

These can be the Tips and Tricks to Score 500+ Marks in NEET :

  1. Timetable Preparation

Prepare a timetable for yourself which suits you and you should be able to follow it. It is very important to stick to the timetable and study accordingly in order to crack NEET 2019. Now, what should you take care of while creating a timetable? You should know your weak areas so that you can spend some more time improvising them. Also, you should be able to know the strong areas as well so that only practice time is given to such areas. Weak or strong areas can be judged or analyzed after giving mock tests; in whichever area you score less means that you will have to prepare or practice more for that particular area. You should be able to crack NEET if you follow the same. Studying according to the timetable is going to a harder task, so our advice is to make a customized timetable. We have also prepared one for you- why don’t you check this out?

  1. Mock Tests/Previous Year papers

You should try giving at least 3 actual previous paper tests of NEET with honesty and then analyze what needs to be improved. In order to crack NEET, this should be the foremost step as the basic syllabus has already been covered in NCERT book. After analysis, you should work on the strengths and weaknesses and then create a firm plan or a timetable accordingly. Also, the benefit of practicing mock tests is you will learn to practice in time because even if you know everything and you are unable to finish your exam in the stipulated time, it is of no use. So, practicing as per the time limit is the best strategy. In NEET, you get 180 minutes to solve 180 questions which essentially means that maximum time on an average is 1 minute per question.  

  1. Revision Notes

Make a firm revision plan and follow that holistically in order to score well in what had gone wrong. Basically, smart revision means to practice the weaker areas and revise the stronger ones. Revision is extremely helpful in case of memorizing important topics which need repeated reading for example formulae, tips, diagram etc.

Last but not least, you must take care of your health as it is going to be the foremost factor in the D-day of the exam. You must eat healthily and get proper sleep even on the last day of your preparation. We wish you all the best for your preparation.

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