NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 11 - Transport in Plants


NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 11 - Transport in Plants: Have you ever wondered how water reaches the top of tall trees, or for that matter how and why substances move from one cell to the other, whether all substances move in a similar way, in the same direction and whether metabolic energy is required for moving substances. Plants need to move molecules over very long distances, much more than animals do; they also do not have a circulatory system in place. Water taken up by the roots has to reach all parts of the plant, up to the very tip of the growing stem. The photosynthates or food synthesized by the leaves have also to be moved to all parts including the root tips embedded deep inside the soil. Movement across short distances, say within the cell, across the membranes and from cell to cell within the tissue has also to take place. Chapter 11 - Transport in Plants will help you to understand some of the transport processes in plants.

Here the important topics of NCERT Class 11 Biology Chapter 11 - Transport in Plants are mentioned below:

11.1 Means of Transport

    11.1.1 Diffusion

    11.1.2 Facilitated Diffusion

    11.1.3 Active Transport

    11.1.4 Comparison of Different Transport Processes

11.2 Plant-Water Relations

    11.2.1 Water Potential

    11.2.2 Osmosis

    11.2.3 Plasmolysis

    11.2.4 Imbibition

11.3 Long Distance Transport of Water

    11.3.1 How do Plants Absorb Water?

    11.3.2 Water Movement up a Plant Root Pressure Transpiration pull

11.4 Transpiration

    11.4.1 Transpiration and Photosynthesis – a Compromise

11.5 Uptake and Transport of Mineral Nutrients

    11.5.1 Uptake of Mineral Ions

    11.5.2 Translocation of Mineral Ions

11.6 Phloem Transport: Flow from Source to Sink

    11.6.1 The Pressure Flow or Mass Flow Hypothesis

In NCERT Chapter 11 - Transport in Plants of NCERT you will study that in higher plants, there is a vascular system comprising of xylem and phloem, responsible for translocation. Water minerals and food cannot be moved within the body of a plant by diffusion alone. They are, therefore, transported by a mass flow system - the movement of substance in bulk from one point to another as a result of pressure differences between the two points.

After going through Chapter 11 - Transport in Plants of NCERT, you must be able to answer the following questions which are mentioned below: 

  • Q1. What happens when a pressure greater than the atmospheric pressure is applied to pure water or a solution?
  • Q2.  (a) With the help of well-labeled diagrams, describe the process of plasmolysis in plants, giving appropriate examples.
    • (b) Explain what will happen to a plant cell if it is kept in a solution having higher water potential.
  • Q3. How is the mycorrhizal association helpful in absorption of water and minerals in plants?

If you have any doubt in solving these questions then, NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 11 - Transport in Plants will help you in answering them by understanding the concept behind it.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 11 Transport in Plants- Solved Exercise Questions

Also, try to answer all the questions mentioned in the Transport in Plants of NCERT, as NCERT solutions for Class11 Biology will help you in preparing the base not only for the school exams, as also for other competitive exams like NEET and AIIMs.

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