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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 8 - Body Movements: In this chapter, you will study that bones and cartilage form the skeleton of the human body. It gives the frame and shape to the body and helps in movement. It protects the inner organs. The human skeleton comprises the skull, the backbone, ribs and the breast bone, shoulder and hipbones, and the bones of hands and legs. The bones are moved by alternate contractions and relaxations of two sets of muscles. The bone joints are of various kinds depending on the nature of joints and direction of movement they allow. Strong muscles and light bones work together to help the birds fly. They fly by flapping their wings. Fish swim by forming loops alternately on two sides of the body. Snakes slither on the ground by looping sideways. A large number of bones and associated muscles push the body forward.

Here are the important topics of NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 8 - Body Movements mentioned below:

8.1 Human Body and Its Movements

    Ball and Socket Joints

    Pivotal Joint

    Hinge Joints

    Fixed Joints

8.2 “gait of Animals”






    How Do Snakes Move?

You will also study that the body and legs of cockroaches have hard coverings forming an outer skeleton. The muscles of the breast connected with three pairs of legs and two pairs of wings help the cockroach to walk and fly. Earthworms move by alternate extension and contraction of the body using muscles. Tiny bristles on the underside of the body help in gripping the ground. Snails move with the help of a muscular foot.

After going through this chapter, you must be able to get the NCERT Solution of these questions which are mentioned below, as these questions are from the Science book of NCERT.

Q1. Answer the following:

  • (a) What is a ball and socket joint?
  • (b) Which of the skull bones is movable?
  • (c) Why can our elbow not move backward?

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