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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 16 Light: Every day we look into the mirror to admire our beauty. Imagine a situation wherein, while looking in the mirror the light goes off. What you think, will you be able to see your face in the absence of light? No, we will be unable to see ourselves in complete darkness. From this example, we can deduce that for the purpose of visualisation, light is the first and foremost criteria. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 16 Light aims at studying all the aspects of light and how it makes us see the beautiful world around.

Light being the criteria of vision, must be either emitted or reflected by the object to be seen. In order to understand how light is emitted or reflected through the mirror, any object etc, you will learn about laws of reflection in NCERT science chapter 16. There are two laws of reflection through which we can understand how light incident on a surface makes us see it. The other  major points of NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 16 Light are listed below

  • All surfaces reflect light.

  • Reflection can be regular and diffused, depending on whether the surface is smooth or rough.

  • Regular reflection takes place through smooth surfaces whereas diffused reflection occurs through rough surfaces.

  • There are two laws of reflection which can be stated as-

(i)  The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection.

(ii) The incident ray, reflected ray and the normal drawn at the point of incidence to the reflecting surface, lie in the same plane. The details of the terms used will be studied in NCERT class 8 science chapter 16 light.

  • When two mirrors are combined at particular angles, they give multiple images.


The above figure shows multiple images of a man

  • Kaleidoscope is one of the applications of multiple reflections that help in making beautiful patterns.

  • Plane mirror forms laterally inverted images

           The above figure shows the image of letter B in the mirror, which is laterally inverted


  • Braille system helps visually impaired persons to read

In the end, NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 16 Light explains about the structure of the eye and its functioning. It also deals with how we can take care of our eyes.

The various topics of NCERT class 8 science chapter 16 light are :

16.1 What makes Things Visible

16.2 Laws of Reflection

16.3 Regular and Diffused Reflection

16.4 Reflected Light Can be Reflected Again

16.5 Multiple Images

16.6 Sunlight — White or Coloured

16.7 What is inside Our Eyes?

16.8 Care of the Eyes

16.9 Visually Impaired Persons Can Read and Write

16.10 What is the Braille System?

Try this question related to NCERT class 8 science chapter 16 light

1. A round clock is marked with lines instead of numbers. Ramu sees the time as 3:20 in a mirror. What is the exact time in the clock?

After studying you can try solving NCERT exercise of class 8 Science Chapter  Chapter 16 Light. For preparation, you must have NCERT solutions for class 8 science chapter 16 light as NCERT is the key to success.

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