NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 6 - Combustion and Flame


NCERT solutions for class 8 science chapter 6 combustion and flame- In your NCERT class 8 Science book, chapter 6 is combustion and flame. A thorough study of chapter exercise and NCERT solution for science class 8 chapter 6 combustion and flame will be beneficial for class 8 students as concept-based questions are asked from this chapter in exams. Before studying the chapter, you must know that in your day to day life, you use various types of fuels. Be it the LPG fuel used in your kitchen or petrol, diesel, CNG in your vehicle, be it wood which is burnt during winters for warmth or cow dung cakes that are used for cooking in villages. All these fuels work on the same phenomenon which is burning. NCERT Science Class 8 Chapter 6 combustion and flame aims at the chemical process of burning or combustion. It also deals with the details of burning without a flame.   After studying the chapter thoroughly you will be able to attempt the exercise of NCERT textbook and get correct NCERT solution for science class 8 chapter 6 combustion and flame.

What is combustion?

Combustion is a chemical process which involves the reaction of a substance with oxygen in order to give away heat. The substance that undergoes combustion is known as fuel. Fuels can be

  1. Solid

  2. Liquid

  3. Gas

In NCERT Science Class 8 Chapter 6 you will majorly learn about these fuels and the process of combustion. On the basis of combustion, materials can be divided into two types

  1. Combustible materials

  2. Non- combustible materials

While studying  NCERT science Chapter 6 you will also get to know what are combustible and non-combustible materials.

What is the ignition temperature?

Have ever these questions crossed your mind

  1. Why LPG burns so fast while CNG takes some time?

  2. Why kerosene is required to burn wood?  

The answers to these above-stated questions lie in their ignition temperatures.  It refers to the minimum temperature at which a substance catches fire. Now you can try attempting the above questions. As you will gradually go about the NCERT chapter 6 combustion and flame you will get familiar with the ignition temperature of various substances and how it is important for combustion.

Inflammable substances

Have you ever seen the sign given below on certain cans or cylinders? This sign refers that there is a highly inflammable substance in the cylinder and you must stay away from it. Inflammable substances are those substances which catch fire very easily.


So, what do you think can we say the ignition temperatures of inflammable substances are very low?  In NCERT  Class 8 Chapter 6 Combustion and flame we will talk about the different types of inflammable substances and what are the ways in which we can control fires caused by their burning?



This chapter also deals with flame and its structure. At the end of chapter 6 combustion and flame, you will get to learn about different types of fuels and their efficiency in causing combustion.

NCERT solution for science class 8 chapter 6 combustion and flame- Topics

Different topics and subtopics makeup Ch 6 Combustion and flame of NCERT Science Class 8. You can take a look at these topics here as

6.1 What is combustion

6.2 How do we control fire

6.3 Types of combustion

6.4 Flame

6.5 Structure of a flame

6.6 What is fuel

6.7 Fuel efficiency

NCERT science class 8 chapter 6 combustion and flame- Preparation tips.

In order to prepare this chapter firstly read the NCERT class 8 science ch 6 combustion and flame. Once you are done with the chapter reading, prepare NCERT science class 8 chapter 6 combustion and flame notes and revise them properly. After proper revision, go for NCERT science class 8 ch 6 combustion and flame worksheets. For better preparation, attempt as many NCERT quizzes for science class 8 chapter 6 as possible. As far as NCERT preparation is concerned, a great understanding of NCERT solutions for science class 8 chapter 6 combustion and flame can be useful for you.

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