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A school bell sounds like a bell .No this is not a riddle its the sign . proove it

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The sound wave involve the vibrations of the particles of the medium through which they travel. Generally, sound travels 15 times faster in solids (metals) than in air. That is why, a spoon can sound like a bell.
Here is one activity to prove this -
Let us take two plastic cups or paper cups and make a hole in the bottom of the two cups. Take a light string and tie a metal spoon in the center of the string. Knot the end of the string to the cups through the holes. Now place the two cups over your ears. Lean forward a bit so that the spoon hangs freely and do not touch your cloths. When you tap the hanging spoon by another metal spoon, the hanging spoon will start to vibrate and will produce a sound much like a bell.

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Deependra Verma

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