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Asl speech on adventure

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Today, I am speaking about the topic ‘Adventure’. Adventure plays a great role in our life. Adventure can be defined as an unusual and daring experience that could be available anywhere in our life. It can be anything that can be out of our comfort zone and we enjoy that moment and we always remember that moment in our life. Doing some kind of adventure can boost Confidence level and it is a human part of life. Many people seek to thrill and pleasure through which their life becomes unimaginable. Although adventures can be adventurous and risky in nature. There are many people in the world whose life is full of adventure. Adventure means ‘To risk without knowing the consequences of risk’. This clearly indicates that adventurers enjoy adventurous activities which help in increasing excitement level and at the same time it increases the risky level also. This could be dangerous.

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Deependra Verma

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