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Write a letter informing for silver jubilee celebration

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Geeta Colony

Preet Vihar

New Delhi - 110013

27th July 2021

Dear Friend,


I understand your reasons for being unable to attend my school's jubilee celebration. They had organized a play followed by a dinner in order to celebrate the school jubilee. I was the narrator of the play. The play was supposed to be an adaptation of one of Shakespeare's works, some tragedy. I know your love for his works. However, I turned the tragedy into a comedy as I forgot certain dialogues of mine. I am sure you would have not spared me for it had you witnessed that but I am sure you would have laughed till you cried. The dinner was delicious. It had your favorite pan-Asian cuisine which I ate extra on your behalf. I missed your presence and I know you wanted to be a part of the celebrations too. Along with this letter, I also send you some photographs of the celebration.


Yours Lovingly

Charan Singh

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Deependra Verma

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