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Yoy are sheela,write a letter to the editor of sangai express,Imphal expressing views on the present scenario in the state of Manipur due to covid 19 outbreak

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The Editor,

Sangai Express



Subject- Present scenario of Covid-19 in Manipur



Through the Esteemed columns of your newspaper, I want to draw your kind attention towards the Present scenario of the Coronavirus and the irresponsibility of the people in Corona times which is very harmful as they risk their lives in death. In these times of covid times, every citizen should be vigilant and should follow the guidelines stated by our Government and take this pandemic seriously. Many people I have seen wear masks on their neck or they put it on their heads which I found very scary as cases are increasing day by day. These increasing cases are due to the carelessness of the people. People should think about their families and others. There should be coordination among every person in society. Many people I have seen misbehave with the Police staff and doctors as they are frontline workers and we should respect them.


Thus, I request you to publish it in your newspaper to make the people of the city aware of the adverse effects of their actions.


Yours Sincerely


Posted by

Deependra Verma

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