Frequently Asked Questions

  What is the CBSE Class 12 result predictor?
It is a free tool which helps predict the percentage a student might obtain in the CBSE Class 12 results. It is called the CBSE class 12 result / percentage predictor 2021.
  What is the advantage of using the CBSE Class 12 result predictor 2021?
Most UG admissions have started and students need to check their eligibility before they apply. The CBSE class 12 result predictor can help them gauge what result they might get.
  What factors does the tool use?
The CBSE Class 12 result/ percentage predictor uses factors like the pre-board marks/ internal assessments/ tests of Class 12, the Class 11 and 10 performance, and the stream. The tool has used the criteria and parameters released by CBSE.
  How accurate will be the CBSE result predictor for Class 12?
The tool will use the inputs provided by students that may be used for computing the estimated Class 12 CBSE result.