Analytical Geometry of two dimensions (Weightage 1%)  

Topics from Analytical Geometry of two dimensions

  • Cartesian system of rectangular co-ordinates in a plane (8 concepts)
  • Distance formula, section formula, locus and its equation, translation of axes (48 concepts)
  • Intersection of lines, slope of a line, parallel and perpendicular lines, intercepts of a line on the coordinates axes (16 concepts)
  • Various forms of equations of a line (40 concepts)
  • Standard form of equation of a circle, general form of the equation of a circle, its radius and centre (44 concepts)
  • Angles between two lines, conditions for concurrence of three lines, distance of a point from a line (16 concepts)
  • Equations of internal and external bisectors of angles between two lines (6 concepts)
  • Equation of family of lines passing through the point of intersection of two lines (6 concepts)
  • Equation of a circle when the end points of a diameter are given (12 concepts)
  • Point of intersection of a line and a circle with the centre at the origin and condition for a line to be tangent to a circle (10 concepts)
  • Equation of the tangent (16 concepts)
  • Sections of cones, equations of conic sections(parabola, ellipse and hyperbola) in standard forms (94 concepts)
  • Conditions for Y=mx+c to be a tangent and point(s) of tangency (14 concepts)