NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths


NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths

Here we are providing you NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths. Class 8 mathematics is fully combined with various types of conceptual topics in mathematics which will help in class 8 and along with this these would help you in increasing your mathematical ability for the competitive exams. NCERT book for class 8 mathematics includes most of the chapters which are the base for the mathematics which means if one is good in these topics than it would be helpful in further classes while studying some higher level of conceptual topics in the coming classes.

Here we will cover NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths in depth. In these chapters, the following are the topics:-

Chapter 1:  Rational Numbers

Chapter 2:  Linear Equations in One Variable

Chapter 3:  Understanding Quadrilaterals

Chapter 4:  Practical Geometry

Chapter 5:  Data Handling

Chapter 6:  Squares and Square Roots

Chapter 7:  Cubes and Cube Roots

Chapter 8:  Comparing Quantities

Chapter 9:  Algebraic Expressions and Identities

Chapter 10:  Visualising Solid Shapes

Chapter 11:  Mensuration

Chapter 12:  Exponents and Powers

Chapter 13:  Direct and Inverse Proportions

Chapter 14:  Factorisation

Chapter 15:  Introduction to Graphs

Chapter 16:  Playing with Numbers

Now we are going to discuss chapter wise analysis of every single chapter: 

1. Rational Numbers:- The main idea to include this chapter in the curriculum is to give you a strong concept to identify the difference between rational and irrational numbers.

2. Linear Equation One variable:- This chapter will give you a strong approach to find the missing numbers or we can say in finding the values using the basic both side division, addition, subtraction & multiplication.

3. Understanding Quadrilaterals:- Quadrilateral is another subset of geometry. In this chapter, NCERT has provided the classification of quadrilaterals and various properties of different types of quadrilaterals.

4. Practical Geometry:- Basically this is a topic related to geometry but this can be called a drawing of geometry. Another name we can give to this topic is construction. In this, we are going to learn the construction of various types of geometric figures.

5. Data Handling:- This is the topic where we are going to learn to handle data. In other ways, this topic will be related to graphs bars tables and all to show the various kinds of data. After that there would be some questions based on data will be there.

6. Square & Square Roots: -The basic idea to introduce this chapter is to enhance your calculation. In this, you are going to learn various kinds of techniques to find the square and square roots of any number.

7. Cubes & Cube Roots:- This part of the calculation and as we all know without calculation, the mathematics is incomplete. So in order to improve your calculation, NCERT has introduced this topic to make you able to calculate the cubes and cube roots of any given number.

8. Comparing Quantities:- This topic is nothing new and not holds any new kind of concepts. This is just a combination of ratios, percentage, discount, profit-loss & SI-CI. This is just introduced to revise to you about all the mentioned topic which are already been covered in previous classes.

9. Algebraic Expressions and Identities:- Here you will learn the basic application of algebra, where you will learn finding coefficients, products, addition & subtraction in any degree equation.

10. Visualizing Solid Shapes:- Here this topic is introduced to relate the cylinder, cone, etc with the practical kind of this we have all around us. In this the following Sphere, Cylinder, Square, Circle, Cuboid, Cube, Cone & triangles are classified into 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional category.

11. Mensuration:- Mensuration is also a part of mathematics in which we will learn to find the area volumes of various kinds of 2d & 3d shapes of geometry. It introduces various kinds of formula to calculate volume, curved surface area, the total surface area of a given object.

12. Exponents and Powers:- Here in this we will learn the product & division of numbers in exponents & powers. Operation of exponents will be with numbers as well with the variables like x, y & z.

13. Direct and Inverse Proportions:- Here in this particular chapter we will learn the application of ratios, proportions & inverse proportion. Because most of the topics will be based on the concept of these in upcoming classes.

14. Factorization:- In this particular chapter we are going to learn the factorization of numbers. The most important & basic thing to learn for every student is this topic. Many topics will need factorization to calculate that particular thing.

15. Introduction to Graphs:- This topic is very similar to data handling topic but in that topic, we were supposed to solve the problems which are presented in graphs and all but in this topic, the basic idea is to develop a graph drawing skills. You will learn the construction of bar graphs and line graphs in this particular chapter of NCERT Class 8 Maths.

16. Playing with Numbers:- The chapter is based on the numbers to which you have to play. In another way, we can say that there will be various kinds of puzzles based on numbers and you have to work accordingly and find out the missing terms. The idea to introduce this topic is to develop a logical ability.

We are going to provide you in-depth NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths which will help you to crack all the exam-oriented problems. In NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths, we have tried to cover every single question from the book. This book contains very good mathematical chapters in a sequential manner so that the students would be able to study in one flow.



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