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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 12 Friction- You must have observed that a ball rolling on the ground slows down and finally stops. It means that there is something that opposes the motion of the ball. This factor which opposes the motion of the ball is known as friction. Just think what would have happened if friction was not there?. Have you ever tried moving a luggage bag without tyre through the ground? Of course, you have to apply more force to slide it than roll it through the ground. If the tyres are present we can move luggage smoothly, this is due to the fact that sliding friction is more than rolling friction. The match stick got fired because the friction between the surface of matchbox and match stick produce heat and the match stick get fired. Like this many interesting aspects of friction is presented by NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 12 Friction.

Friction is a result of interlocking of irregularities present on two surfaces in contact. The force of friction is affected by a number of factors. Through NCERT grade 8 science chapter 12 friction, you are going to study about these various factors and how they affect the friction.

Here is the Boojho and Paheli's discussion:

  • Q. Can we reduce friction to zero by polishing surfaces or using a large amount of lubricants?
  • Ans. Friction can never be entirely eliminated. No surface is perfectly smooth. Some irregularities are always there.

Have you ever noticed the grinding sound coming from an old fan? What do you think is the cause of this sound? It is mainly because of increased friction between the different parts of the fan. Most of the machines with time due to increased friction either stop working or show problems in functionality. In this NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 12 Friction, we will study the methods that can be used to reduce this friction.  As you will go through this chapter, you will also get to know why friction is a necessary evil.

In the above figure, the banana peel reduces the friction between feet and leg and hence man slips down.

NCERT Class 8 science chapter friction is composed of different topics that cover a variety of aspects of friction. Below mentioned are the topics of Chapter Friction

12.1 Force of Friction

12.2 Factors affecting Friction

12.3 Friction: A Necessary Evil

12.4 Increasing and Reducing Friction

12.5 Wheels Reduce Friction

12.6 Fluid Friction

While preparing chapter 12 friction, go through the NCERT first and then attempt NCERT exercise. Having NCERT solution for class 8 science chapter 12 friction will beneficial from the exam point of view.

Below is a  practice questions for class 8 science chapter 12 friction:

  1. A boy drops a piece of paper and a 5 Kg iron piece from a 6m tall building. Which object will reach late? Give the reason

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