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The order of basicity of amines in gaseous state  is :

Option: 1

1^{0}> 2^{0}> 3^{0}> NH_{3}


Option: 2

3^{0}> 2^{0}> NH_{3}> 1^{0}

Option: 3

3^{0> }2^{0}> 1^{0}> NH_{3}

Option: 4

NH_{3}> 1^{0}> 2^{0}> 3^{0}

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Alkylamines (1?,2?,3?) are stronger bases than ammonia. This can be explained in terms of electron releasing the inductive effect of the alkyl group. As a result, the electron density on the nitrogen atom increases, and thus, they can donate the lone pair of electrons more easily than ammonia.
The electron releasing effect is maximum in tertiary amines and minimum in primary amines (in the gas phase) 3? Amine > 2? amines >1? amine >NH3

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