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 A solution of m-chloroaniline, m-chlorophenol and m-chlorobenzoic acid in ethyl acetate was extracted initially with a saturated solution of NaHCO3 to give fraction A. The leftover organic phase was extracted with dilute NaOH solution to give fraction B. The final organic layer was labelled as fraction C. Fractions A, B and C contain respectively:
Option: 1 m-chlorobenzoic acid, m-chloroaniline and m-chlorophenol
Option: 2 m-chlorobenzoic acid, m-chlorophenol and m-chloroaniline
Option: 3m-chlorophenol,m-chlorobenzoic acid and m-chloroaniline
Option: 4 m-chloroaniline ,m-chlorobenzoic acid and m-chlorophenol

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