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It is an arrangement of four resistances which can be used to measure one of them in terms of rest. Let R is an adjustable resistance, Pand Q are known resistance and S is an unknown resistance. To obtain value of S we will close the keys K1 and K2 and will adjust R to obtain null deflection in the galvanometer. Then the balancing condition of the bridge is   
For a perfectly rigid body deformation is not there, so the strain is zero. Hence youngs modulus (Y=stress /strain) is infinite.
All the three Inductance are in parallel L = 3/3 =1 H  
The 2 ohm resistance at vertex are in series, so the net value is 4 ohm. The 4-ohm resistances are parallel Now all 2 ohms are in series So the net resistance = 6 ohm
Given out of 12, five are red, therefore 12-5=7 are blue. The ratio of red and blue balls is  red/blue = 5/7
Transverse waves - In these types of waves, the particles of the medium vibrate in a direction perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the wave. e.g.wave produced in a long string when one end is fixed.
6+( 5 - 4 + 2 ) =6+(1+2)=6+3=9
To find the ratio first we have to convert to the same units 2l = 2 x 1000 ml = 2000 ml So the ratio is 100/2000 = 1/20
sin 20 = cos 70 since sin x = cos (90-x) Also sec 70=1/cos70 using above results
length=20cm breadth = 40cm area of rectangle= length x breadth=20 x 40 = 800 cm2
five lakh eighty-two thousand and thirty
we have multiplied with 1.6 x 10-19 because it is the value of e and 106 is the value of megavolt to volt.
Three 5 ohm resistance are in series, which is parallel to 10 ohm The equivalent resistance is  R= (15 x 10) / 25 = 6 Ohm
Functions of the human heart- (1) Receives deoxygenated blood from different parts of the body (2) Sends or pump blood to lungs for oxygenation (3) Receives oxygenated blood from the lungs. (4) Pumps or transfer oxygenated blood to different parts of the body.         Double circulation is necessary because it does not allow the mixing of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. This separation...
No. of tents = 1500  radius = 2.8 m  height of cylindrical part = H = 3.5 m height of conical part = h = 2.1 m  now , slant height of conical part = l =  surface area of tent = CSA of conical part + CSA of cylindrical part  The surface area of tent = 92.4m2 The surface area of 1500 tents = 1500 * 92.4m2  = 138600 m2 Cost of 1m2  canvas = Rs 120  costs of 138600 m2 canvas = 120 * 138600  costa...
Given that   Two zeroes are    and  . The factor of the given polynomial : Now divide the polynomial with their factor  Now factor the above equation : The zeroes are   ,   and .
Bucket in the shape of frustum  Height = h = 20 cm  Radius = R = 36 cm   radius = r = 21 cm  Area covered with aluminum  sheet for 10 buckets = CSA of a frustum of cone + area of the bottom  therefore the TSA of 10 buckets are =  cost of aluminum  sheet for   is  The total cost of the aluminium sheet is rupees 24621