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we have multiplied with 1.6 x 10-19 because it is the value of e and 106 is the value of megavolt to volt.
Three 5 ohm resistance are in series, which is parallel to 10 ohm The equivalent resistance is  R= (15 x 10) / 25 = 6 Ohm
No. of tents = 1500  radius = 2.8 m  height of cylindrical part = H = 3.5 m height of conical part = h = 2.1 m  now , slant height of conical part = l =  surface area of tent = CSA of conical part + CSA of cylindrical part  The surface area of tent = 92.4m2 The surface area of 1500 tents = 1500 * 92.4m2  = 138600 m2 Cost of 1m2  canvas = Rs 120  costs of 138600 m2 canvas = 120 * 138600  costa...
Bucket in the shape of frustum  Height = h = 20 cm  Radius = R = 36 cm   radius = r = 21 cm  Area covered with aluminum  sheet for 10 buckets = CSA of a frustum of cone + area of the bottom  therefore the TSA of 10 buckets are =  cost of aluminum  sheet for   is  The total cost of the aluminium sheet is rupees 24621
Given :                                                                                     If the milkman sells half the milk at less rate to the economically weaker section of the society, he shows the values of helpful, compassion, kindness and good human being.
The rate of flow of charge is current. Its SI unit is Ampere.  Current I =dq/dt  
X coordinate of both the points is zero. So the distance in Y-axis is 10 cm
Given height of frustrum, h= 16 cm upper end radius, R = 20 cm Lower end radius, r = 8 cm slant height frustrum = l Volume of milk = volume of the frustum Vol of milk Cost of 1 litre milk = 50 Rs Cost of 10.4 litre milk = Rs                                    Rupees Surface are of frustum                                                                          ...
Given length of road = 80m, So, BC = 80m. Let two poles be AB and CD, So, length of pole = AB =CD P is the point on the road between two poles. We need to find the height of poles i.e AB and CD and distance of the point (P) from each pole i.e BP and CP In a right angle triangle                            Now in right angle triangle                                       From equation (i) and...
In XO and XY type sex-determining mechanisms males produce two different types of gametes, (a) either with or without X-chromosome or (b) some gametes with X-chromosome and some with Y-chromosome. Such types of sex determination mechanism is designated to be the example of male heterogamety. Example- Human beings and drosophila (XY TYPE) Grasshopper (XO TYPE) 
 L.S. of Maize grain and its six-part is mentioned above.
a) The theory is known as the ’Darwinian Theory of evolution’. Salient features of this theory are: 1. There was varying degree of similarities between the existing and the life forms that existed million of years ago. 2. Evolution has been gradual which came at different times. 3. There is only the survival of the fittest. 4. The population that will survive better in the natural...
The main biotechnological techniques to diagnose the pathogen much before are- PCR or polymerase chain reaction Recombinant DNA technology.