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Which of these will produce the highest yield in Friedel Crafts reaction?

Option: 1

Option: 2

Option: 3

Option: 4

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As we have learnt,

Phenol does not undergo Friedel Craft Alkylation or Acylation. This is because oxygen's lone pair in phenol makes the coordinate bond with AlCl3 (A Lewis acid) hence blocking it. Same is the case with Aniline. These are not preferred as substrates for Friedel Crafts Reactions.

Haloarenes undergo the usual electrophilic reactions of the benzene ring such as Friedel-Crafts reactions. Halogen atom besides being slightly deactivating is o, p-directing; therefore, further substitution occurs at the ortho- and para-positions with respect to the halogen atom.

Hence, the option number (2) is correct.

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vishal kumar

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