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Among the known bacteria-plant interactions, which interaction has been extensively studied?

Option: 1

Cyanobacterial symbiosis with some aquatic ferns.

Option: 2

Gall formation on certain angiosperms by Agrobacterium.

Option: 3

Nodulation of Sesbania stems by nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Option: 4

Plant growth stimulation by phosphate-solubilizing bacteria.

Answers (1)


Gall formation caused by Agrobacterium is a well-studied interaction due to its significance in plant pathology and genetic engineering. Agrobacterium tumefaciens, a soil bacterium, has the ability to transfer a part of its DNA, known as the T-DNA, into the plant cells, leading to the formation of characteristic tumor-like galls.

On the other hand, the nodulation of Sesbania stems by nitrogen-fixing bacteria is also an important interaction, but the extensive research on Agrobacterium-induced gall formation makes it the most thoroughly studied among the given options.

Therefore, the correct answer is option  (2) gall formation on certain angiosperms by Agrobacterium.

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Kuldeep Maurya

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