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Assertion: Crossover events between genes on different chromosomes are more likely to result in genetic recombination than crossover events between genes on the same chromosome.

Reason: Genes on different chromosomes assort independently during meiosis.


Option: 1

Assertion and reason are both true, and reason is an accurate account of assertion. 

Option: 2

 Both assertion and reason are accurate, but reason does not adequately explain assertion.

Option: 3

The assertion is correct, but the reasoning is incorrect. 


Option: 4

 Both the assertion and reason are incorrect.

Answers (1)


 During meiosis, homologous chromosomes pair up and align randomly on the metaphase plate. The orientation of the chromosomes is independent, meaning that the way one pair of chromosomes aligns does not influence the alignment of another pair of chromosomes. This results in independent assortment of genes on different chromosomes. Therefore, genes on different chromosomes are more likely to undergo recombination events during meiosis as compared to genes on the same chromosome, which are less likely to be separated due to linkage.

Option 1 is the correct answer.

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