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Homoleptic complex from the following complexes is :

Option: 1

Potassium trioxalatoaluminate (III)

Option: 2

Diamminechloridonitrito-N-platinum (II)

Option: 3

Pentaamminecarbnonatocobalt (III) chloride

Option: 4

Triamminetriaquachromium (III) chloride

Answers (1)


Class XII NCERT Coordination compounds

(1) K_3[Al(C_2O_4)_3]

(2) [Pt(NH_3)_2(Cl)(NO_2)]

(3) [Co(NH_3)_5(CO_3)]Cl


In complex of 2,3,4 two or more types of ligands are present hence they are heteroleptic complexes.

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Sanket Gandhi

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