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Which of the following factors can influence inhibitory gene action?


Option: 1

Environmental stimuli

Option: 2

Gene duplication

Option: 3

Point mutations in coding regions


Option: 4

Chromosomal rearrangements

Answers (1)


Inhibitory gene action can be influenced by various external factors, such as environmental stimuli. Certain conditions or signals from the environment can activate or suppress inhibitory genes, modulating their effect on gene expression and cellular processes. 

For example, exposure to stressors such as toxins, radiation, or changes in temperature can activate or repress inhibitory genes, leading to changes in gene expression and cellular function. Similarly, nutritional status or availability of specific nutrients can also affect inhibitory gene activity and the regulation of gene expression. 

On the other hand, gene duplication, point mutations in coding regions, and chromosomal rearrangements may affect gene expression by altering the sequence or structure of genes, but they do not directly influence inhibitory gene action.

Option a is the correct answer. 


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