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Which of the following statements about organisms' responses to abiotic influences is false?

Option: 1

All birds and mammals can regulate their body temperature.

Option: 2

The vast majority of animals and nearly all plants are incapable of maintaining a stable interior environment.

Option: 3

Shivering is a type of activity that generates heat and boosts body temperature.

Option: 4

Little animals are abundant in polar locations because they require less energy to generate heat.

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Extreme cold temperatures in polar regions make it difficult for creatures to survive. To thrive in these challenging circumstances, many creatures have developed special adaptations. These adaptations may include metabolic changes, specialised behaviours, and unusual physiological mechanisms, as well as effective insulation provided by thick fur, feathers, or blubber. They enable organisms to maintain body temperature, preserve heat, and adapt to the cold environment.

The quantity of organisms in polar regions is not primarily influenced by their energy needs for heat generation, but it is true that smaller creatures tend to lose heat more quickly due to their higher surface area to volume ratio. Other elements, including as food availability, rivalry, predator-prey relationships, and reproductive techniques, can have a substantial impact on the variety and quantity of organisms in these regions.

Option 4 is the correct answer .

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