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Q5.5 A constant retarding force of 50 N is applied to a body of mass 20 kg moving initially with a speed of 15 ms^{-1}. How long does the body take to stop?

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We are given the retarding force. So we can find the deacceleration this force is causing.

By Newton's second law of motion, we get :

                                                 F\ =\ ma

or                                         -50\ =\ (20)a

or                                               a\ =\ \frac{50}{20}\ =\ - 2.5\ m/s^2

Now we will use the first equation of motion, 

                                                 v\ =\ u\ +\ at

The final velocity, in this case, will be zero (Since the vehicle stops).

                                               0\ =\ 15\ +\ (-2.5)t

Thus                                        t\ =\ \frac{15}{2.5}\ =\ 6\ s

Thus the time taken to stop the vehicle is 6 sec.

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Devendra Khairwa

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