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12.34. 0.3780 g of an organic chloro compound gave 0.5740 g of silver chloride in Carius estimation. Calculate the percentage of chlorine present in the compound.  

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Given that,
Mass of organic compound = 0.3780 g.
Mass of AgCl formed = 0.5740 g

It is known that,
1 mol of AgCl contains 1 mol of Cl.

Thus, mass of chlorine in 0.5740 g of AgCl

\\=\frac{35\times 0.5740}{143.32}

= 0.1421 g

∴ Percentage(%) of chlorine = =\frac{0.1421}{0.3780}\times 100  = 37.59%

Hence, the percentage of chlorine present in the given organic compound is 37.59%.

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