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Q17  Anvils made of single crystals of diamond, with the shape as shown in Fig. 9.14, are used to investigate behaviour of materials under very high pressures. Flat faces at the narrow end of the anvil have a diameter of 0.50 mm, and the wide ends are
subjected to a compressional force of 50,000 N. What is the pressure at the tip of the anvil?


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The diameter of at the end of the anvil, d = 0.50 mm

Cross-sectional area at the end of the anvil is A 

\\A=\pi \left ( \frac{d}{2} \right )^{2}\\ A=\pi \times \left ( \frac{0.50\times 10^{-3}}{2} \right )^{2}\\ A=1.96\times 10^{-7}m^{2}

Compressional Force applied, F = 50000N

The pressure at the tip of the anvil is P

\\P=\frac{F}{A}\\ P=\frac{50000}{1.96\times 10^{-7}}\\ P=2.55\times 10^{11}Nm^{-2}

The pressure at the tip of the anvil is 2.55\times 10^{11}Nm^{-2}.

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