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Essay-to be true to yourshelf

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Be true to Yourself means acting according to who you are and What you do. It is a good habit to become true to yourself. You are completely satisfied with what you believe, deeply Valued, and Desire. It helps us to communicate our feelings with ourselves and Others, Through which allows us to Speak the truth in the world. You have to be true to yourself, follow your own game plan and common sense which enables us to become true to ourselves. Always motivate, Appreciate your own talents and always take someone’s advice and try to follow that advice in accordance to you. To be true to yourself is the greatest achievement that helps you to grow up constantly. All these qualities differentiate us from other human beings, these features could be more or less in appearance, Mindsets, or capabilities. But they always help you to maintain your personality and how you respond to others. If you can’t give love to yourself then you can’t give love to others first you have to True to yourself and then give love to others.

You have to not be afraid of who you are. Have the courage to accept yourself as you are rather than focusing on others. Don't take action and do not pretend to be someone else for the sake of gaining acceptance. Self-respect comes from being true to the real you, from acting in alignment with your fundamental nature. If you don't become true to yourself then your life will always be in a confusing state of mind where you can’t make decisions, it becomes complex and you become unhappy with yourself. And you don’t know whom to please, not or how. When you respect yourself, others will always respect you because they know the sense of feeling you feel right now whether you are feeling confident, Motivated, or capable of standing up to yourself and your Values. It always takes courage one has to be open-minded and fair. You should not be disrespectful of others. Others will not control your life. You have to be yourself and take your decisions on your own and you will feel proud after that. Always live a life consistent with your own values and aspirations. Those who are successful in life dare to express their true selves with the wonderful side effect of broadening the perspective of others.

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Deependra Verma

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