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Need essay on indian economy

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India is an agriculturally based economy because agricultural activities contribute 50% of the economy. Agriculture includes growing and selling crops and doing poultry, fishing, and animal husbandry. The Indian economy has had great growth a few months back. This booming of the Indian economy goes for the service sector. Agriculture and its activities are much improved to meet the global standards and the trend of exports creates a rise in the market. Therefore, it improves the economy of the nation. Indian economy includes the agricultural sector, handicrafts, and industries, and other services. Therefore the service sector is most important in the growth of the economy. The people earn with the help of agriculture nowadays whether it is directly or indirectly. As many people are educated day by day India tends to be an Information technology hub in a few days. The government is trying to improve its efforts to improve the economic conditions in weaker areas. Many rural areas are still in the developing process as our government undergoes several changes since the time of independence.

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