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Need speech on Should sports be made a part of school curriculum.

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Yes, sports should be made a part of school curriculum. Sports is an essential co-curricular activity. Co-curricular activity means those activities that are essential part of our curriculum and they go with academics. Another name for sports is games. We play different kinds of sports. Some of them are cricket, basketball, kho kho, relay race, badminton, baseball and judo. There are different kinds of sports such as some which are played individually and some in team and some in groups. Solo games are Badminton, Table, Judo, Ludo, Tennis, Chess, Race. Pair games are Badminton, Carrom board and Team games are Relay race, Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball. Thus, sports has various advantages to health and  well being. It builds punctuality and discipline among its students. It builds good bonds between team mates and development of us feeling, cooperation and trust. Thus, it should be a part of our cucurriculum.

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Deependra Verma

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