Basic organic Chemistry and techniques (Weightage 1%)  

Topics from Basic organic Chemistry and techniques

  • Classification of organic compounds based on functional groups: and those containing halogens, oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur (3 concepts)
  • Isomerism - structural and stereoisomerism. (3 concepts)
  • Nomenclature (Trivial and IUPAC): Covalent bond fission - Homolytic and heterolytic: free radicals, carbocations and carbanions (19 concepts)
  • Nomenclature (Trivial and IUPAC): stability of carbocations and free radicals, electrophiles and nucleophiles. (9 concepts)
  • Electronic displacement in a covalent bond - Inductive effect, electromeric effect, resonance and hyperconjugation (19 concepts)
  • Purification - Crystallization, sublimation, distillation, differential extraction and chromatography - principles and their applications. (8 concepts)
  • Qualitative analysis - Detection of nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus and halogens (13 concepts)
  • Quantitative analysis (basic principles only) -Estimation of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, halogens, sulphur, phosphorus (8 concepts)