Hydrocarbons (Weightage 3%)  

Topics from Hydrocarbons

  • general methods of preparation, properties and reactions. (9 concepts)
  • Alkanes - Conformations: Sawhorse and Newman projections (of ethane); Mechanism of halogenation of alkanes (6 concepts)
  • Alkenes - Geometrical isomerism; Mechanism of clcctrophilic addition: addition of hydrogen, halogens, water, hydrogen halides (13 concepts)
  • Alkynes - Acidic character; Addition of hydrogen, halogens, water and hydrogen halides; Polymerization (5 concepts)
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons - Nomenclature, benzene -structure and aromaticity (1 concepts)
  • Mechanism of electrophilic substitution: halogenation, nitration, Friedel - Craft alkylation and acylation (1 concepts)

Important Books for Hydrocarbons

  • Hydrocarbons Book
  • Hydrocarbons Book