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1) How shall I prepare for boards? 2) Shall I solve HCVerma and Irodov also for jee?

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@ Ramakrishna

NCERT is sufficient for boards.

U can study H C Verma for jee main.

And Irodov is very helpful for jee advance.

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Hello aspirant !!

Hope you are in the best of your health and cheers.

As such Board exams do not rigorously test your knowledge or problem solving skills. You need to be good with your basics and well-acquainted with the typical questions; this will definitely help you score well.

For Board preparation, begin with a proper reading of the NCERT. Also solve the examples, in-text questions and back exercises. Be aware of each and every topic of the syllabus. 

The most crucial element would be the solving of sample papers. Practice a lot of sample papers to get an idea of the marking scheme and type of questions. Try attempting the paper in a subjective way and also learn proper time management. Ensure that your answers are precise as well as informative.

Do not use any tricks or shortcuts in your solutions and also work on your written presentation skills.

Coming to the second part, it actually does not matter which book you solve as long as you are able to tackle questions in your tests and especially the previous years' questions. Nevertheless, HC Verma is really a good book for strengthening your concepts and would definitely help you improve your skills. Irodov is a great book to test your application and problem-solving.

So, if you are comfortable, you can solve HC Verma and also Irodov (especially for Advanced).

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Sakshi Bhagdikar

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