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A car is going on a convex bridge a radius R. The driver maintain the constant speed , as the car is ascending on the bridge ,the normal force on it:


Option: 1


Option: 2


Option: 3

Remain same

Option: 4


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As we learn

Reaction Road on Car When bridge is convex -

F_{c}=mg\ cos\theta-R=\frac{mv^{2}}{r}

R=mg\ cos\theta-\frac{mv^{2}}{r}

R = reaction

Fc= centripetal force

mg = weight

- wherein

\theta= angle of R with centre

v = tangential velocity


So R=mg\ cos\theta-\frac{mv^{2}}{r}

So as \Theta decreases cos\Theta Increases so R Increases.


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Devendra Khairwa

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