In figure a hollow tube of mass M is free in horizontal direction. the system is released from rest.There is no friction present. The tube and blocks are taken as system.
i) Momentum of the system is conserved in x-direction.
ii) Speed of A w.r.t M= speed of B w.r.t to M

iii) Trajectory of centre of mass is X-constant

iv) Centre of mass has finite acceleration.

Evaluate the above statements and choose the correct option from the following.

a) Statement i,ii are true and iii,iv are false

b) Statement  i,ii are false and iii,iv are true

c) All Statements are true

d) All Statements are false

Answers (1)
A Avinash Dongre

SInce in X direction no external force is acting 

but  in y direction no external force is non zero

So Momentum in x direction is constant.

And Trajetory of  COM is X=constant

means statement i and iii are true.

Means correct option is option C.