Solutions (Weightage 5%)  

Analysis of JEE Main 2018 paper for Solutions

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Topics from Solutions

  • Different methods for expressing concentration of solution - molality, molarity, mole fraction, percentage (by volume and mass both) (8 concepts)
  • vapour pressure of solutions and Raoults Law (6 concepts)
  • Ideal and non-ideal solution (9 concepts)
  • plots for ideal and non-ideal solutions (7 concepts)
  • elevation of boiling point and osmotic pressure (12 concepts)
  • vapour pressure - composition (6 concepts)
  • Determination of molecular mass using colligative properties (2 concepts)
  • relative lowering of vapour pressure (3 concepts)
  • depression of freezing point (7 concepts)
  • vant Hoff factor and its significance. (4 concepts)

Important Books for Solutions

  • Solutions Book
  • Solutions Book