Eleven years earlier the average age of a family of 4 members was 28 years. Now the age of the same family with six members is yet the same, even when 2  children were born in this period. If they belong to the same parents and the age of the first child at the time of the birth of the younger child was same as there were total family members just after the birth of the youngest members of this family,  then  the present age of the youngest member of the family.


  • Option 1)


    3 years           


  • Option 2)


    4 years  


  • Option 3)


        6 years      


  • Option 4)


     None of these 


  • Option 5)


     5 years                


Answers (1)

The present age of the youngest member of the family is:

Sum = 28*4= 112
44+112+y+e= 28*6= 168
y+e= 168-156= 12 -----(i)
According\: to\: question e-y= 6 -------(ii)
By solving \: (i) - (ii)
e=a, y=3

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