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'A' carelessly left an iron pole across a public road 300 m from that spot was a traffic signal indicating speed limit to be 20 kmph. B, riding a scooter at 80 kmph, noticed the protrusion from a distance, but still could not avoid it, collided with the pole and was injured. In an action by B against A.

Option: 1

B will lose as he was driving very fast

Option: 2

B will lose for some other reasons

Option: 3

B will succeed, because A was careless

Option: 4

B will succeed, because A could have avoided the mishap by putting up a warning

Answers (1)


If, as a result of carelessness, one injures another, he is liable to the injured victim for resulting damages, unless the victim's own carelessness also contributes to causing the accident. B will loose in an action against A, because he (B) himself was careless as he was riding a scooter very fast at 80 kmph, however the speed limit indicated there was 20 kmph. Hence the correct answer is a.

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Ritika Jonwal

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