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As a result of Schottky defect

Option: 1

There is no effect on density

Option: 2

Density increases

Option: 3

Density decreases

Option: 4

All of the above

Answers (1)


In Schottky defect, cations and anions are missing from their lattice site due to which mass of crystal decreases but the volume of crystal remains the same, this causes a decrease in density. In this defect, the density of crystal decreases and crystal behaves as P-type semiconductor and conductivity of crystal increases.
% of missing unit \mathrm{=\left ( \frac{d_{theoretical}-d_{experimental}}{d_{theoretical}} \right )\times100} 

This defect is common in the compound having high coordination number and almost equal size of cation and anion.
ex : NaCl , KCl , CsCl , AgBr etc

Therefore, Option (3) is correct

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