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In the Rutherford's atomic model, the alpha particles were stroked on

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Option: 2


Option: 3



Option: 4


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  • In 1911, Rutherford conducted an experiment in which fast-moving alpha particles struck a thin gold foil.

  • The majority of the alpha particles The lifetime of atoms in the excited state is normally

  • 10??  secs

  • 10?¹² secs

  • 10?¹? secs

  • 10?¹? min pass directly through the gold foil.

  • The gold foil deflected some of the alpha particles by small angles.

  • Rutherford's atomic model proves that the whole atom is neutral.

Additional Information In the experiment Rutherford observed

  • Most of the particles passed either undeviated or with very small deviation.

  • Some deviated by large angles

  • 1 out of 8000 was deflected by more than 90° so option-3 is correct.

  • Most of the space of an atom is empty.

  • At the centre of an atom having a tiny positively charged particle called a nucleus.

  • The centre nucleus has all the mass of an atom.

  • The amount of positive charge at the nucleus is equal to the total amount of negative charge on all the electrons of the atom.


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