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Column I ( Salivary gland)


Column II ( Their location)



Below tongue

Sub-maxillary / sub-mandibular


Lower jaw




Option: 1

a(i), b(ii) , c(iii)


Option: 2

a(ii), b(i), c(iii)


Option: 3

a(i), b(iii), c(ii)

Option: 4

a(iii), b(ii), c(i)

Answers (1)




As we have learnt:

Parotid Gland:

  • It is the largest salivary gland.
  • It lies on the sides of the face, just in front of the ear.

Sublingual Gland:

  • It is present under the front part of the tongue.
  • The sublingual duct is known as duct of Rivinus.

Submandibular Gland:

  • It lies at the angle of the lower jaw.
  • It secretes saliva into the mouth through the submandibular duct or Wharton’s duct.



 Hence, the correct answer is option d.


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