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Lignocellulosic secondary cell walls can not be formed by which of the following process

Option: 1

Differentiation Process

Option: 2

Dedifferentiation Process

Option: 3



Option: 4

Both a and c

Answers (1)


In addition to producing lignocellulosic secondary cell walls, which are strong, elastic, and capable of transporting water over long distances, cells undergo some substantial structural changes during differentiation.

Various structural changes to the protoplasm and cell wall take place during the differentiation stages. For instance, to form a tracheary element, the cell can shed its protoplasm. Additionally, they develop a lignocellulosic cell wall that is incredibly tough, elastic, and resilient to transport minerals and water in challenging conditions. 

Redifferentiation is the reversal of the capacity for cell division in differentiated cells. It makes it possible for the plant body to include differentiated cells that are functionally specialised.

Option 3 is the correct answer.

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