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Na and Mg crystallize in bcc and fcc type crystals respectively, then the number of atoms of Na and Mg present in the unit cell of their respective crystal is 

Option: 1

4 and 2 

Option: 2

9 and 14

Option: 3

14 and 9

Option: 4

2 and 4 

Answers (1)


BCC -? Points are at corners and one in the centre of the unit cell. 
Number of atoms per unit cell \small =8\times \frac{1}{8}+1=2

FCC ? - Points are at the corners and also the centre of the six faces of each cell. 
Number of atoms per unit cell \small =8\times \frac{1}{8}+6\times \frac{1}{2}=4

Therefore, Option(4) is correct 

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Ramraj Saini

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